Indian MCX Live to Launch Gold Options from September

An important rule in investment, is to not put all your eggs in single basket. Do not invest all your cash in equities market. Company shares tend to make you poorer in times of recession. It is why, the importance of investing in commodities cannot be overlooked.

The apex and authentic commodity trading exchange in India is MCX. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, provides traders with future and options trading in bullion, crude oil, cotton, non ferrous metals etc…
MCX launches gold options:
Gold options hasn’t arrived in any of the Indian commodity markets. MCX is set to launch the nation’s first gold options. It will allow smaller players to hedge the risks involved with the price volatility. It would immensely benefits jewelers, who are affected by day to day price changes of the bullion. Gold options would be launched in September, with mock drills happening already. Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has already approved the options contract.
Impact in Indian market:
Live MCX data would hence be more of a precursor to gold’s price. Gold prices means a huge impact in India. It is the second largest buyer of gold in the world. The bullion is used as investment, gifted as religious donations and gifted in weddings. In most households starting from lower middle class families, it is considered as a status symbol. Gold options will be instrumental in boosting MCX turnover in coming fiscal year.
Awaiting a positive reception…
MCX live quotes will interest more investors in future, thanks to the upcoming launch of gold options. The exchange, allowed trading on agricultural goods, few years back. We are witnessing its influence on prices since then. Launching gold options will be met with applauds from all quarters. It helps investors to hedge on their risk, involving the most popular investment instrument.

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